Urban Farmstead Friends

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I sometimes wonder if consumers know why their patio pots thrill my soul. I mean, here I am on this big ole farm watching the cows and donkeys graze and I think their patio pots are amazing?

Yes, indeed, patio pots and city gardens and backyard coops (if your city allows it) absolutely delight this farm wife. Sure we are a “big farm” but we don’t have exclusive rights to the glories of growing.

We celebrate city roots and urban blooms – metro dirt that yields – and any family that is nourished.

Come with me on an urban farmstead tour and I’ll show you the glories I see inside the city limits – where hard-working people know the same things my Farmer and I know – that this age-old job of cultivation is a work of heart and soul and spirit.

Backyard goodness.

A pallet supports a tomato plant and is an implement rack!

Tall, tall sunflowers!

Glorious, beautiful, city sunflowers.

This is a man’s garden, and the textures follow suit – rugged bark and grippy tread with salvaged containers on top. Nothing wasted nor family left wanting for fresh salsas, herbs and lovely blooms.

Marigolds and volunteer carrots.

Porch nippers.

Back deck strawberries.


Over the years I have realized that marrying into the less than 2 percent of the population farming created this soft spot in my heart for all gardeners and growers and hobby farmers because they get it …

… the it of this life spent coaxing dirt into nourishment.

This companionship – from those who know how to grow and care to take the time to do it OR cook it for their loves who do the growing – is a really important factor in my farm wife sanity.

I live a mere 7 minutes from Target and hang out with a lot of cows and hay bales – this makes me somewhat of an oddity.

But you, growing friends, with your patio pots of cucumbers suggest I’m not so strange to you, and I appreciate your awareness …

… awareness of life, liberty and blooming where planted.

All of these lovely photos document life lived well in town – at a rental house inside a Southern city’s limits. My friends are currently an urban household of six – a dad who loves to garden and grill, a mom who cooks total yum, and their herd of young men growing up in town with important emphasis on soil and blooms and cultivation right under their next generation noses.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images from my friend’s urban farmstead. They certainly deserve your admiration. We love them like family … and FARMily.

Emily Grace

For more images of this Urban Farmstead, check out my website and a post entitled “FarrrTHUR 20.”