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Homestead Dreams

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. For me, April brings more daydreams than I know what to do with. Right now, thoughts of a few acres of my own in the country run rampant through my mind.I have always loved the looks of a log cabin. Maybe it's just me and my mental vision of ...

Guthrie, Missouri, Family’s Log Cabin Invaded by Opposing Army During the Civil War

Below you will find a true story of the Civil War days with a happy ending. It happened in this community of Guthrie, Callaway County, Missouri. I am the granddaughter of a Civil War veteran, Robert W. Emmons. My father, Sterling Price Emmons, was 7 months old when things were in a bad ...

Homesteaders Harvested Wild Fruits

I am past 83 and nearing the end, but I well remember when we traveled from Kewanee, Illinois, to Aspen, Colorado, to homestead. We came over the Independence Range by stage coach part way, part way by covered wagon, and the rest of the way on a sled drawn by four spirited horses.We upset once ...