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Jake and His Toys

My dog Jake loves his toys. One of his favorites is a small, round rubber ball. In fact, he has five of them: two blue, two red, and a green one. He can spend most of his day and evening playing fetch with one of them providing that I am willing to throw it for him. Honestly, I wish I had ...

Boys In The Fruit Orchard

When my brother was growing up, our mom and dad owned a peach orchard in the Lewiston Orchards, Idaho. (It was actually called that then, too.) This picture shows him when he was still young helping them in the orchards by carrying the weeds – and probably pulling them, too. At that time it ...

Together with God: Joys of Summer

Summer is full of wonderful events, from backyard barbecues to family vacations. One of the elements from summers past that I miss is the drive-in theater. My friends and I spent many summer evenings watching movies under the stars at the drive-in. We would sit on the hood of the car or on the ...