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Poisonous Plants

Europeans encountered many botanical treasures when they settled North America. Especially valuable were new foods they had never before experienced. But it didn’t take long for them to discover some less desirable plants as well.The first written mention of poison ivy is found in Captain ...

Summer Adventures

Since the time I was a kid, poison ivy rashes and bug bites have plagued me during the summer months. Poison ivy rashes can lead to several days of misery and make a person gun-shy of the outdoors. The same can be said of tick bites, mosquito bites, and chigger bites. I remember well the time I ...

Garden Clippings: Getting Rid of Poison Ivy

Take care when ridding the garden of poison ivyThis article previously ran in the July 6, 2004, issue of CAPPER'S.'Leaves of three, let it be' is a timeless piece of advice for all who venture outdoors, but this guidance is not an option for gardeners who have poison ivy invade their ...

Don’t let poison ivy spoil all your summer fun

If you've had poison ivy dermatitis, you're among millions. Being immune one year is no guarantee you won't be sensitive the next.Knowing the enemy by sight can help you avoid it. The green leaves - often shiny on top and slightly hairy underneath - always appear in clusters of three. (Remember ...

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