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Quilt Block Tablecloth

I’m what you might call a “random quilter,” meaning I don’t actually follow patterns, but instead just sort of sew on my own terms. I take pieces of fabric, squares and triangles mostly, start stitching them together, and see what happens. The scraps grow into larger squares, ...

Star of the West Quilt Block Pattern

Photo by Allison SarkesianThe Star of the West pattern is an old one — at least 150 years old. This striking, geometric design predates the Civil War, and is also known as "Clay's Choice" and "Harry's Star." Quilt historians believe the latter names refer to politician Harry Clay, who ran ...

Square and Compass Quilt Block Pattern

Photo by Amanda BarnwellDepending on who designed them and how and where they were modified over time, quilt patterns can have different names. This pattern is called Square and Compass in The Collector’s Dictionary of Quilt Names & Patterns, but that book also pictures another block by ...

Editor’s Note: A Stitch in Time

My grandmothers were both prolific quilters, but quilting skipped my mother’s generation. When she started sewing, quilting was considered old-fashioned. So, my friends and I had to teach ourselves when we decided to take up quilting at a young age. YouTube videos didn’t exist in those ...

A Community Tradition

One of the things I love most about living in the county is the community.My community extends farther than just my little 40 acres. In the years I have lived here, I have seen many lovely community events all around me.Each year there is the annual Bruno Fire Department Fish Fry held to raise ...

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