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Gramma’s Raggedy Ann Dolls

  Gramma sent us something! We kids can’t wait to find out what she sent! We’re jumping up and down because Mom can’t rip off the tape and open the box fast enough! Out comes the homemade fudge. That’s good. Dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla all loaded with hickory nuts or black ...

Christmas Rag Doll

Bring back the days of yesterday with a Christmas Rag Doll for the little girls in your life. The dolls have a beautifully embroidered face and are dressed in a festive plaid Christmas dress with velvet shoes and holly hair bows. If desired, and at no extra cost, a name (up to nine characters) ...

Depression Era Toys: Rag Doll

I have always loved dolls. For Christmas Mom made me a rag doll one year. In the depression era doll heads could be bought for a small price. So Mom got one, made a body and attached it. Made a dress and slip, stockings and a checkered dress out of a flour sack, but the most wonderful of all ...