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Fruit Layered Cake Recipe

The past few weeks have been an experience for me. When the new year started, I never would have thought a virus called COVID-19 would change life as I know it.  As I have found myself at home more often than at work, I have found myself in the kitchen more often than usual. That, in turn, has ...

Mi Encantada Crazy Chicken

Here's a super easy summer chicken dish to grill outdoors and help keep the kitchen cool. I was introduced to a version of it when I went to a local fast food restaurant that served Mexican food. Of course, they would not share their recipe so to the best of my ability I came up with a my own ...

Fried Okra Recipe

This fried okra recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser – even for folks who typically don’t care for okra! The secret to making this Southern classic more of a universal favorite is the dredge. It packs a big burst of flavor that compliments the earthy “greenness” of the okra. It’s also ...

Summer Cookout Recipes

Early summer brings warmer temperatures, vacations, get-togethers, church potlucks, camping trips and cookouts, of course, among other pastimes. Cookouts provide the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family in the backyard for quality time to celebrate the season. The trick is to spend ...

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