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Old Time Threshing

I don't think much about modern equipment. I mean, I'm pretty much surrounded by modern stuff all day, every day. Given enough time, what I use today will be replaced with something more modern.At times I stop and think about how far we've all come. At some point, what is old was at one time ...

Food Preservation During the Great Depression

Home-canned produce kept our family fed during the Depression years. At an early age, I became Mom’s helper in the garden, picking the produce when it was “just right.” We harvested the green beans when they were plump but still tender; Mom allowed no stringy, tough beans. She insisted ...

Reluctant to Attend One-Room Schoolhouse

The autumn came (1928) when I had to start school at the one-room country schoolhouse, something completely strange and scary. I hadn't played with other children much and felt terribly shy and unhappy about the whole thing. The first couple of days Dad took me with the horse and buggy. But ...

Threshing Time on the Family Farm

The methods of harvesting grain on the family farm have changed completely since I became a farmer's wife in the late 1930s. Nearly all the farmers raised a patch of oats and a patch of wheat. In June, usually, the crops were ready to cut with a grain binder, a piece of machinery that was ...

Threshing Rings and the Family Farm

Threshing was an interesting time. Dad owned a threshing machine and threshed for six or seven neighbors as well as himself. Those in Dad's threshing ring helped each other. The day they threshed at our house, we girls sat in an old wagon seat beside the backyard gate and watched the wagons ...

Threshing Was a Communal Event Among Several Family Farms

"Threshing" time in July and August was an annual opportunity for the entire neighborhood to work and visit together. One threshing machine was owned by an individual or as a neighborhood group. The men traveled from family farm to family farm threshing the oats or wheat until every farmer had ...

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