Old Time Threshing

I don’t think much about modern equipment. I mean, I’m pretty much surrounded by modern stuff all day, every day. Given enough time, what I use today will be replaced with something more modern.

At times I stop and think about how far we’ve all come. At some point, what is old was at one time the modern thing to use. I don’t always think of that, especially when the item in question was new long before I was ever born.

At one time, farmers used horses to pull their wagons and farm equipment. Those same team of horses eve powered the threshing machines. High tech at that time, it must have been far better that walking the fields and using hand tools and any other equipment at the time to thresh the wheat before the invention of a horse powered machine.

Before long, those stationary threshing machines were being powered by a different type of horse power, the tractor. What a job to do with such a grand machine! I’m sure there a a few of the farmers out there that still remember horses pulling wagons of wheat to and from the thresher while the tractor or steam engine was supplying power the the thresher.

No longer is the day of the threshing crews. No longer the horse, steam engine or tractor need to run the threshing machine. The combine has taken it’s place along with it’s air conditioned cab and GPS. Farming has come a long way.