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We haven’t worked on our land now for over a month. It’s amazing at the things life can throw at you. I spent the winter planning and dreaming about the work I would get done once the weather got better. It certainly makes sense to do as much as one can before the hot summertime gets here. ...

The Relevance of Time

The other day, I was enjoying a quiet moment at home. My 8-year-old son walked by. I grabbed him, tall as he is, and wrapped my arms around him pulling him down on my lap just like when he was little. "Son," I said, "you must stop growing up. I don't want you to get big and leave me!"He smiled ...

The Folly of Daylight Saving

The recent change of the clocks to an hour earlier got me to thinking, "How in the world did such a thing come about?" As we all know the clock doesn’t mean a whole lot to people on a homestead, ranch or farm. Chickens still need to be fed, cows milked, fields plowed and so forth. None of ...

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