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Sharing the Tradition

Have you ever asked someone for a recipe when your taste buds have exploded with joy after that first bite? And then their sly-smiled response is: "It's a family secret!"Wow, what a letdown! I mean, would it be reasonable to expect an invitation to every meal with this person and then ask them ...

Wild Orange Apple Betty

Our family has a Valentine’s Day tradition. My husband and I “date” throughout the year. We choose to spend Valentine’s Day with our children. To make it special, we all plan the menu with input from each family member. We keep it simple so that prep time and clean up is easy and then ...

A Holiday Pie

TRADIT-I-O-N! Yes, as the holidays approach, I’m sure you would say they just wouldn’t be the same without certain foods. I would like to tell you about an unusual dessert from my side of the family. Vinegar pie! I know how it sounds, but I love it. My mom explained that there weren’t ...

Feature: Marriages

Did guests throw rice on your wedding day? Almost all cultures shower the bride and groom with symbolic food to grant luck and fertility to newlyweds. It's just one of the many odd traditions weddings inspire around the globe.Rowdy behaviorWhile Americans toss rice, Sicilians fling wheat bread ...

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