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A Love for Trucks

One of several trucks at the 2017 Flywheel Reunion, Macon, Missouri.I've always loved trucks. Even before I had a driver's license, I just knew that a car would never be for me. It had to be a truck or nothing at all. My first vehicle ended up being a 1982 Datsun pickup. I drove it for years. ...

Relics of the Past

Here's a question for you. Can you remember the first vehicle that you drove? Or if you grew up on a farm, do you remember the first tractor that you drove?For me, my first vehicle was a truck. A 1982 Datsun extended cab truck to be exact. Automatic on the floor, four cylinder asperated ...

Farm Trucks

Just the other day, I found myself doing something that I hadn't done in years. I took a ride in an old farm truck.1972 Ford 600.The truck in question was a 1972 Ford 600 grain truck. As with any old truck, it has a few kinks that need to be addressed. With that being said, it is a nice, solid ...

Do-It-Yourself Flat Bed Truck Conversion

A flat bed truck is a very useful item on a ranch or small farm. It’s a lot easier to load and unload when you have to haul hay or straw, grain or feed sacks. If you have a regular bed truck, you can convert it into a flat bed with a little bit of effort. And you’ll save a LOT of money! If ...

The Old Farm Truck

So I think every farm at some point or another has an old farm truck sitting somewhere that doesn’t run. We had a “not too old” Ford F-150 sitting behind the barn with flat tires, no brakes and a dead battery. A guy driving down the road pulls in and offers to buy it. Why not, it isn’t ...

Trucks in the Snow

Since it’s still technically winter, I thought you all might be interested in one of my first farm adventures. I grew up a town kid, but I had friends that lived on dirt roads.When we moved to our home on a dirt road, I thought I knew what it was all about.Granted, I’d wrecked my dad’s ...

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