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Red Curry Quinoa with Squash and Black Beans Recipe

Photo by Matt Johannsson/Reflector Inc. When you make vegetable and grain dishes in a slow cooker, you often end up with a dry crust around the outside, or you have to add so much liquid the flavor gets lost. The sous vide mimics a slow cooker in that it lets flavor infuse into the dishes you ...

Thentuk: ‘Pull’ Noodle Soup Recipe

Photo from Adobe Stock/www.doglikehorse.comTibetan food, which evolved to sustain a hardy people living at an average elevation of 16,000 feet, is like no other food in the world. Who else but Tibetans have a great time drinking salty tea and eating sweet rice in the same sitting? Or grow up ...

Mexican Tomatillo Casserole

We canned a whole lot of tomatillo salsa last fall. Although we only had two plants, they were very prolific. Beyond making salsa, I don’t really know what to do with tomatillos, so I’ve been trying to figure out ways to use up some of the salsa. This recipe is a great way!This recipe is ...

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