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Crops in the Fields

For as long as there have been farmers, there have been fields for the farmers to grow their crops. I don't care if it's a large field or someone's little garden spot, I love watching what people plant grow.There's a lot of corn planted around here. It's everywhere, planted as far as the eye ...

Farm Machinery: Then and Now

It is harvest season around here and has been for about a month or so. And every time I see one of the newer harvesters, or other huge pieces of farming equipment, I think about the ones my grandpa Henry Parker used in the early 1900’s. It is hard work now, but it was really work back then. ...

Making a Go of Homesteading in Southern Oklahoma

Born and raised in the South, I had always desired to own land. So when I learned that it could be acquired in southern Oklahoma just by filing for a homestead, I persuaded my husband to move west.We filed on a claim that proved to be prairie land, devoid of trees, but covered with buffalo ...

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