Crops in the Fields

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By Mel Boone

For as long as there have been farmers, there have been fields for the farmers to grow their crops. I don’t care if it’s a large field or someone’s little garden spot, I love watching what people plant grow.

There’s a lot of corn planted around here. It’s everywhere, planted as far as the eye can see. I think the deer love the field corn. Of course, if you’ve ever come to an intersection in the country, a corn field may not be your best friend. It can usually mean that you have to be cautious about pulling out onto the road when you can’t see past the corn stalks.

When grandpa Roe was still alive, soybeans were what he planted. Fields full of them, growing and then ready to be harvested, are a reminder of Grandpa in his Massey Ferguson combine. I can still remember walking through the soybean fields with him, checking to see if they were ready. I knew it had to be exhausting at times. I say this because he farmed while working at a full-time job in town. You had to do what you had to do in order to keep things going.

I really do go head over heals when I see fields of red clover, sorghum, sunflowers, and lavender. Of course, I would pick crops that I don’t see growing around where I live. Pictures of these crops are about as close as I’ve ever gotten. I hope that someday that I will get to see a field full of one or all of the above. I’m sure I will wear out my camera when it happens.

Then again, maybe I can just dig up my yard and plant them myself. That should make me happy, and I won’t have to mow the lawn!

Sweet corn growing in my garden.

Published on Jul 17, 2017