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Winter Weather Brings Out the Kid Within

I think we all have a love-hate relationship with snow. Well, unless you’re a child, and then winter weather — fresh and cold snow falling from the sky — is great. It was especially wonderful for me as a child growing up in Texas, where we always got a day or two off from school. We lived ...

Stories of Snow Accumulation

Winter brings with it cold temperatures and oftentimes daunting weather conditions. From snow flurries that turn into a snowstorm or freezing rain and ice that collect on electric lines and cause power outages, the winter season is full of surprises. Grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and a ...

Severe Weather

Glad to Have Basement Instead of Faraway CaveWhenever I hear the tornado siren go off, I grab a flashlight, a battery-operated radio, a phone and a book. I gather up my dog, and we head for the basement. Since we seldom lose electricity, I usually just sit in a chair and read until the storm ...

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