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Country Crafts

As a suburban mother of three little boys, I certainly don’t fit the stereotype of a woodworker. My workshop is a space in the corner of the basement, with only the most basic power tools and far too many spiders. What I’ve learned — and what I hope these projects show you — is that ...

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

The very first time we stayed at our newly purchased house, it was the middle of winter. I was seven months pregnant and had a 2-year-old at the time. It was the first time my husband or I used a woodstove. The previous owners left us some wood and gave us some quick instructions on how to use ...

Rural Heating With Wood

All my life, I've enjoyed a cozy, warm home in the winter. When you grow up in Michigan, you appreciate that warmth after spending time outdoors in the cold and snow! Yes, all my life, I've enjoyed that warmth. And all my life, I've never thought too much about where that warmth came from. In ...

Boys and Girls

Keeping oneself busy during the fall and winter can seem like a daunting task for those of us who are used to being on the go all the time. I do believe that is why so many people in the towns and cities of this great country got hooked on television. (Only my opinion.)In my household when I ...

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