Gift Guide: Yard and Garden

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By Staff | Oct 22, 2019

Gift Guide: Yard and Garden

Here are our top picks in the Yard and Garden category.

By Capper’s Farmer Editors

Countertop Garden

With AeroGarden’s Harvest series, there’s no need to worry about gardening seasons, or the mess of soil. The gardens are complete indoor hydroponic systems that grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers year-round with no soil and no sunshine. And, nurtured by Miracle-Gro, everything grows five times faster than in soil — and with zero mess! It takes just 28 days to have a fully grown salad garden.

Each of the five models in the Harvest series will grow up to 6 plants, with up to 12 inches of grow height, and comes with built-in full-spectrum Grow Lights that turn on and off automatically, and even remind you when to add water and nutrients. Each model also comes with a Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, with more than 50 other seed kits sold separately. With the AeroGarden, it’s easy to grow fresh, natural food right on your countertop.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors:

  • Easy to set up, and a breeze to plant, maintain, and harvest.
  • Plants grow right before your eyes, with minimal work.
  • Basil, thyme, and dill were ready to start using in 3 weeks.
  • It’s great having fresh herbs and vegetables in winter.
  • Love the automatic lights, and the reminder to feed and water the plants.
  • Everything about this garden is simple, and it produces good yields.

Folding Saw

When pruners and loppers won’t make the cut, turn to this Japanese-style Folding Pruning Saw. Featuring a high-carbon steel, 8-inch serrated blade, the saw can easily cut through limbs up to 5-1/2 inches in diameter, cutting on both push and pull strokes. The teeth are sharpened on three sides for efficient cutting and impulse hardened for durability. The blade locks securely open when in use, and folds for safe transport and storage. When open, the saw measures 17-1/2 inches.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors:

  • Great for pruning stray branches on trees and bushes.
  • Saves the hassle of getting out the chainsaw for just a few limbs that are too big for loppers.
  • Very sharp; chews through limbs better than expected.
  • Works well, and isn’t labor-intensive, but rather easy to use.
  • Lightweight, sturdy, efficient, and effective.

Garden Gloves

The Garden Genie Gloves are made with natural latex rubber coating material and have four built-in durable plastic claws on each hand, making it easy to dig and plant without hand tools. They’re waterproof, puncture-resistant, and easy to clean, and they help protect hands from cuts and broken nails. The backs have nylon knitting, so the gloves are comfortable and breathable, keeping your hands cool and dry.

The universal size fits most, both men and women, and they’re available in your choice of green, purple, or brown.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors:

  • The claws are great for digging up weeds by hand.
  • Comfortable to wear in the garden, and hands don’t sweat.
  • These are so convenient; they have their own spot in the garden toolbox.
  • They work well for planting bulbs and digging weeds.
  • The gloves keep hands from getting cut and torn up, and nails from getting dirty.
  • They fit great, allow air to circulate, and are comfortable.

Garden Gun

The Henry Garden Gun is a smoothbore .22 lever action shotgun that’s perfect for taking along when doing chores. Carry it with you in the tractor or on the ATV, so it’s at the ready when something slithers into view through the grass. It’s also great for dispatching barn-dwelling birds without dispatching the barn around them, and for exterminating mice that think your garden’s a buffet.

The gun features an 18-1/2-inch round blued steel barrel that’s void of any rifling, providing the perfect platform for slinging .22 LR shotshell projectiles in a tight pattern, and has a 15-round capacity. A blued steel hammer, lever, and trigger are at the heart of the exceptionally smooth action. The adjustable rear sight and blade front sight provide all the accuracy needed for the short-range shots this gun is intended for. And at just over 5 pounds and a compact length of 36-1/2 inches, the gun is a trim package for grab-and-go convenience.

Available at Henry Dealers.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors:

  • Great for short-range shots.
  • Good-looking gun; nice stained ash stocks.
  • Perfect for snakes, rats and mice, opossums, and the like.
  • Easy to adjust and use; smooth action.
  • This stays in the pickup, so it’s always handy.

Hammock Chair Swing

The Hammock Chair Swing is perfect for relaxing on the patio, porch, or deck, or in the yard or garden. Handcrafted from polyester cotton and canvas fabric, it’s built to endure the weather. It features a 39-inch-long hardwood spreader bar for stability, a large metal loop and string for hanging, comes already assembled, includes two cushions (16-1/2 inches square), and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It can be hung on a porch, tree, “C” stand, or another sturdy overhang. And because it’s simple to put up and take down, it’s easy to take it on vacation, to the lake or beach, or anywhere else you may want to sit, swing, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors:

  • Great quality at an affordable price.
  • Material is soft, and cushions are comfy.
  • Looks nice, is comfortable, and is made with high-quality materials.
  • Hangs easily, and is easy to put up and take down.
  • Extremely comfortable and relaxing.
  • Makes a great spot for curling up with a good book.

Planter & Bee House

Attract pollinators to your garden with the dual-purpose Mason Bee House and Planter Combo. Measuring 11 inches long by 9 inches wide by 14 inches high, it’s ideal for compact gardens, and can be set on a level surface or hung on a wall or fence. Plant nectar-rich flowers in the planter box, and you’ll soon see mason bees nesting in the house below. It’s constructed of wood, fiberboard, and fabric liner, and weighs approximately 5 pounds.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors:

  • Beautiful, well-made planter and bee house.
  • Lightweight, yet durable.
  • Makes a great focal point on a fence.
  • Bees seem to be enjoying it.

Solar Lantern

Celebrating the dragonfly’s beauty in silhouette, the charming Dragonfly Solar Lantern adds a soft glow to the deck, patio, or yard after dark. The lantern is constructed of powder-coated steel and glass, has a hanging ring on top, weighs just over 4 pounds, and measures approximately 10 inches square by 11 inches tall. Two solar panels harness the sun’s energy during the day to power a soft white LED bulb after dusk. The lantern can sit on a flat surface, hang on a shepherd’s hook or other hook, or you can use multiple lanterns to illuminate an entrance or walkway.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors:

  • Beautiful and durable.
  • Sits or hangs for convenience.
  • Puts off a soft amber-colored light that’s relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Lights up nicely and glows for many hours.
  • Great addition to the yard or garden.

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