Different Mode of Transportation

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By Mel Boone

There’s been a golf cart at home for about six years now. However, nobody at home plays golf. With that being said, when you have a senior at home with a bad back, bad knees the golf cart comes in handy since he simply refuses to use an electric wheelchair when going to the tractor shows.

Golf carts, both gas and electric, are becoming more common around town, along with UTVs like the John Deere Gator, Kawasaki Mule and Polaris Ranger. Around my hometown, all of these have become a popular mode of transportation.

Recently, the town’s city council passed an ordinance allowing UTVs and golf carts on the street legally, providing the owner/driver follows a few rules. In order to receive a permit from the city office, the viehicle must pass an inspection by the city police department, and follow a few rules, which include: owner/driver must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle must have insurance, no driving between dusk and dawn, no driving on the main highways, and an orange flag or slow moving sign on the back. Also, no overloading with people (i.e. four people riding on golf cart/UTV if the seat only accommodates two).

Some golf carts come with safety items like seat belts, turn signals, head and tail lights and mirrors. The one at my house does not have any of these features, but they could easily be put on. All items listed above can be ordered from Buggies Unlimited (buggiesunlimited.com). You can order from them online, by telephone or you can request a retail catalog be mailed to you.

At some point, the Club Car at home will be fitted with head and tail lights along with a turn signal. I’m hoping for a seat on the back as well that folds down for use as a flat surface to haul small cargo on. That comes with a firm no from the older person from the house. Give it time. A few more tractor shows, a few more “I found a part for a tractor that I might need someday” and it just might happen.

Published on Sep 11, 2015