Flowers in Bloom

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It’s now May. Spring is here and flowers are blooming. I am so thrilled!

After such a long winter and now a wet spring, I find myself sad from watching all the flooding that is going on. So I try to take some comfort in going for walks with Jake and Buddy. This is s the time of year when I find myself spending more time outside anyways and I try to enjoy every possible moment.

I love May. The flowers are starting to come up and bloom. Seeing the flowers grow and the birds singing really does put a smile on my face. It also brings back memories of both sets of grandparent and the various flowers and vegetables that they grew in their gardens. Ahh, to be a kid again, I wish I could go back in time!

Time travel isn’t possible except in my own mind. So I keep replaying those memories and enjoying the beautiful flowers that I see dotting the landscape on my daily walks.

Photo by Mel Boone