Greenhorn’s Granary

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By Ricardo Elisiário

Maybe you decided to venture into gardening from being raised in a place where you constantly saw life sprouting in pots, planters, or your grandparents’ backyard. This familiarity with the rural side of life led you to try it on your own. Or maybe you’re the purest greenhorn gardener, at last getting those hands muddy.

Whether you’re from the city and only recently moved somewhere more spacious, or the city is still your haven and you don’t intend to leave it, still, that doesn’t mean one can’t have a share of flora rooting within four walls and a tight balcony. There’s room for everything and hope for everyone… just dig in!

Gardening is always an interesting activity. One of the most satisfying pursuits, after you start, is to keep learning and gathering a selection of plants and beautiful objects you can craft uniquely for your home and garden.

A Fulfilling Hobby

Many believe in the theory that gardening is an activity for anyone who wants to escape daily stresses. In truth, though, taking care of a garden or even a pair of houseplants is no trivial chore.

What I mean is that it demands regular attention and shrewdness. You need to be ready to dedicate a fraction of your day’s time to your deserving greenery. But don’t wrongly assume that gardening is too demanding or overwhelming either.

You alone choose the volume of effort you’re willing to put in — there isn’t a great obligation. It’s actually the opposite, as there’s a good heap of contentment to be felt once you succeed in seeing your first plant to adulthood rather than letting it down and off to premature demise.

A Healthy Addition to Existing Decor

It’s not too rare that we hear some saying that plants shouldn’t be kept inside our bedroom because they steal oxygen, which isn’t true. Instead, what has been proven is that plants purify the indoor spaces while also influencing our well-being on a much deeper level.

These green roommates do play a vital part in calming us down and boosting the current decor level of our place. If not inside the bedroom (because after all, we cherish our privacy!), anywhere from the many window sills to by a lonely kitchen sink.

The spots begging for a plant are plenty, you must simply find them. Sometimes it feels odd to make changes in our home, but when it comes to flower pots and the life they contain, you can never really go wrong, and I am certain too that you’ll never look back either.

A Reason to Come Home More Excited

After sowing a seed or planting a root, bulb, leaf, or twig in the soil, we count the days until it comes to life. When will it emerge and the first sprouts start to unfold? There’s excitement in even the most minute of developments, as soon as you become attached to the process.

Since it’s mostly after long periods of absence — during a night of sleep or a full day out at work — that the garden seems to grow more, and the expectation for surprising changes gives you one added incentive to return home faster.

Put the key to the door, step in, and keep your fingers crossed, lest your flowers have thrown a wild rave in the living room!

A Pride in Having a Beautiful Collection

Few things are more fascinating than being allowed to follow, up-close, the progress of life, from seed to senescence.

Plants will flourish according to how you feed and care for them. In this and many other aspects, plants are really the same as all other living beings. The difference is that we get to run through each stage of their lives at a much faster pace (unless we’re speaking of big, big trees) and that makes it only the more exciting.

Besides, I think I’m not speaking only for myself when saying it’s a great boost in our spirits, but more so to our ego when we manage to maintain a functional garden, glowing with health.

A Way to Engage With Our Loved Ones

Gardening is very therapeutic even when done in solitude, but it’s way more enthralling if you bring those you cherish into the party.

Call them over to contribute every time you need to plow, sow and weed, reminding everyone that those who don’t sweat early on, won’t be invited to break bread when it’s time to taste the ripe tomatoes and crispy lettuce, dressed in olive oil and with a sprinkle of that oregano you also grew on a little sunny patch.

The only thing they must be aware of is that no one is expected to be born with a green thumb. As long as they’re willing to get their hands dirty, all is well and ready to grow.

Published on Aug 28, 2019