It’s Fall, What to do When Ants Move in

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By Karen Newcomb

For some reason I never think about ants this time of year, until I see a trail of them moving in. It’s like they have automatic radar to where it’s dry, warm and cozy for them during winter months.

The first defense against ants getting close to your house is by keeping your outdoor plants and mulches one foot away from walls, windows, foundation and roof. Look around the outside of your home. If the walls have cracks, use caulk to seal them. Are there any holes cut into walls for any electrical work or pipes?You’ll need to seal these too.

Inside the home, keep the kitchen clean by wiping up food spills; ants love sweets and fats. And always be on the lookout for a single ant because you just know that’s a scout ready to put out the word and wait for a swarm to invade.

If you find you are suddenly surprised by a fall invasion, you want to use a pesticide such as Terro Ant Bait. It’s liquid, organic and comes in pre-filled, ready to use ant baits. You can also use other organic ant pesticide such as Safer Ant Killer.

Pyrethrins are broad-spectrum contact-kill insecticidals made from an extract of the dried flowers of Chyrsanthemum cinearifolium, a perennial daisy like plant from Kenya. It is harmful to fish and has some ill effect on beneficial insects. In fall, the beneficial insects are long gone and if there is no runoff into a fish pond, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, it is one of the safest botanicals available. These products can be found at your local nursery or home improvement center.

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Published on Oct 4, 2013