Meanwhile, Back on the Farm…

By Leah
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Things have been busy on Old Home Farm. Two sets of twin lambs were born last week. Mothers and babies are doing fine. I learned my lesson from last fall, and gave the mothers plenty of time to bond with the new arrivals. So far I have one ewe and three rams. Evie has yet to lamb (she’s always late at everything), so I’m hoping for a couple of more ewes from her.

We’ve also been working on the garden. I set out several plants I’ve been bringing along in the mini green house.

Greg is making me a rock “terrace” to set the herb pots on. Its not quite finished yet as we are still collecting rocks to fit together, but its far enough along to start using.

One major project was fixing the chicken tractor. We had an old one that was given to us a few years back and it needed major repairs. Greg spent an afternoon working on it (with Hucky’s supervision) so we could put the new butcher chicks out. Their cage was getting a little too cramped.

While Greg worked on the chicken tractor, I brought the fairy garden out of hibernation. I have two cedar trees that have grown up together, and over the years I have collected enough pieces to make a whole fairy land surrounding them. But they have to be fenced in. Hucky has been known to swipe a piece now and then and bury it somewhere in the yard.

Life is always busy here on Old Home Farm. That’s what makes it so special. Every day is a new adventure. And at the end of the day, you can look back and see something accomplished. And isn’t that what life should be all about?

Photos property of Leah McAllister.