On The Garden Path: Flower Carpet Pink Supreme

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PRETTY PINK BLOOMS: Pink Supreme adds great color to the landscape.
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SIMPLE BEAUTY: The bright pink flowers of Pink Supreme mature to a warm pink. Flower Carpet roses are popular because they are easy to care for, and they have a long blooming season.

If you’re looking for a lasting relationship with a rollicking, big-hearted rose that looks great and has no hang-ups, check out Flower Carpet Pink Supreme – the newest addition to the family of award-winning Flower Carpet groundcover roses.

This rose has it all: big, beautiful clusters of blooms; a low-growing, compact, beautifully shaped bush; bright, glossy leaves; a super-long bloom season that provides big color from late spring through frost; and tremendous natural vigor against common rose blights, such as black spot and mildew.

Noteworthy qualities

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme is notable for its glossy leaves and broad clusters of fresh-faced double flowers in a pleasing shade of pink. Masses of bright roses cover the bush, exhibiting a delightful range of color with cherry-red buds and bright pink flowers (often nicely flecked with white at the heart) that mature to a warm pink. Spent flowers fall cleanly away, leaving the bush fresh and clean all season long.

A mature bush can produce up to 2,000 blossoms, and the outstanding color display rides atop a full bush with glossy foliage brimming with natural vigor and good looks, making it an outstanding garden shrub.

Pink Supreme is the eighth color in the popular Flower Carpet series, which also includes Pink, White, Appleblossom, Coral, Red, Yellow and Scarlet. It is the second in the Next Generation of Flower Carpet series, which are products of the newest breeding by Noack Rosen, the German rose breeders famous for their impressive disease-resistant hybrids and developers of the Flower Carpet roses. The first in the Next Generation of Flower Carpet series was Flower Carpet Scarlet.

Flower Carpet roses are known for easy care, superior disease resistance, a long blooming season and big color. They’re also known for their attractive foliage and growth habits. These plants are not fussy and require no fancy pruning. They are easily transplanted and, given water, food and enough space for their vigorous roots, they will thrive and bloom like crazy.

Pink Supreme’s 2-inch flowers are bright pink with white markings at the heart. The color is reminiscent of the original Flower Carpet Pink, but is subtler and richer, and where the original Pink had a tendency to throw out occasional runners, especially when situated in partial shade, Pink Supreme does not.

The flowers of Pink Supreme appear in clusters up to 11 inches across. The clusters are comprised of smaller clusters of five to nine 2-inch flowers, totaling up to 60 roses per cluster. Pink Supreme blooms in waves from early summer through late fall, depending on climate. The bush grows from 24 to 30 inches tall and up to 40 inches wide, and has dark, glossy green, medium-size leaves.

It is hardy in USDA Zones 5 to 11. In Zones 5 and 6, winter protection is advised in the first winter. Pink Supreme will also handle Zone 4 with ongoing winter protection.

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme performs best in full sun, but will bloom steadily with a reduced number of flowers in filtered sunlight. To invigorate blooming once plants are established, cut canes back to 10 inches annually in late winter or early spring.

These plants are perfect for flowerbeds, mass plantings, large containers, hanging baskets, as a groundcover on steep slopes and as tree roses. They make a perfect landscaping plant for long seasons of low-maintenance color.

Pink Supreme plants need to be kept well-watered, and should be planted 2 to 3 per square yard for groundcover, or 2 to 3 feet apart for mass plantings and boundaries. In addition, they can be planted anytime during spring, summer or fall.

For maximum flowering and performance, feed plants with a balanced controlled-release rose food. In cold climates, it’s best not to feed roses in fall and winter, because forcing new growth that late in the season can increase the chances of cold damage over the winter months.

Pink Supreme will be available this spring coast to coast wherever plants are sold.

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