The Calm Before the Storm

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By Amy

The vegetable gardening bug has definitely bit me.

Up until this point in my life, I focused mainly on perennials and houseplants because veggie gardening terrified me. All of those neat little rows, companion planting, decisions to be made on which fertilizer to use and when…it seemed all so overwhelming.

However, with my desire to eat healthier and to learn a new hobby, all I can say is “WAHOO!” I am so glad I jumped in with both mud boots on!

As I navigate this newfound hobby, I’m finding there are certain times that I especially enjoy being in the garden. One is in the late evening. Now I know my chances of becoming a mosquito’s next meal are higher at that time, but, honestly, having the garden to myself and enjoying nature’s song as performed by crickets, birds, and buzzing bugs brings me great joy!

Late evening is second only to my absolute favorite time in the garden, which is right before a storm.

There’s a different type of silence in the garden, as even nature seems to quiet. There’s a coolness in the air, the storm clouds are slowly rolling in, and a few raindrops fall and splat, watering the earth and warning me that my time is running short.

If I’m lucky, there’s a good half hour before the heavens open up, so I soak up each and every second. Earth between my fingers and the earthy smell of plant and dirt wafting on the breeze.

Suddenly I don’t mind weeding out little invaders.

This is my favorite time in the garden.

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Published on Jun 19, 2017
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