The Little Tractor That Could

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By Mary Conley

Dear readers, I thought I should introduce you to a new character that joined us on our second year at the farm – Kubota! Do you own a tractor? If so, do you remember getting it, or getting your very first one? I was raised on a farm along the Little Sioux River in Iowa, and was familiar with them, even having driven them a little. But, to have our very own – especially when it was so desperately needed – now that is something special! Needless to say, Larry was elated when we got ours, and here is how it came about:

Our son, Todd, would be moving in a few months and wouldn’t need his tractor any more for lane maintenance. He was happy to sell it to us, and we were happy to get one that Larry had even helped pick out. Todd said he would visit, teach his dad how to use it and maintain it. What a bargain! He also arranged for the delivery, and we watched with awe as it was unloaded. It had an amazing mower, a box scraper, straight scraper, tiller, and posthole digger. The fun would soon begin!

Let me tell you, though, as I was looking at the tractor, I remembered the gray-haired couple who had been cleaning up the land for the past year with only muscle and wheelbarrows, and I kind of resented it – for a minute or two!

Todd: He had experienced owning and using a tractor and was glad it would have a good home! It would be fun teaching his dad how to use it and the equipment.

Larry: A little bit more of hog heaven!

Published on Jan 8, 2014