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Peak Summer Insect Times

Author Photo
By Karen Newcomb | Jun 23, 2014


Bean Aphid 14 June to August

18 May to July

Cabbage Looper 1 July

2 June-July

6 Entire season

9 August

10 July

12 Year round

14 June to September

15 May to September

17 August to Oct

Cabbage Looper Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com

Corn Earworm 1 July

2 August

3 June to August

4 July to September

7 June-mid July

9 Late July-August

10 July-August

11 June to September

13 July

14 Late July

15 July

18 June-July

Corn Earworm Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com

Flea Beetle 5 April to July

6 April to August

12 April to August

14 June-July

Flea Beetle Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com

Spotted Cucumber Beetle 6 Entire season

9 May to August

Spotted Cucumber Beetle Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com

Mexican Bean Beetle 14 June-July

15 May to July

Mexican Bean Beetle Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com

Pea Aphid 6 Entire season

14 May to September

15 May to September

Squash Bug 6 March to August

11 June to August

14 August-September

15 July-August

Squash Bug Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com

Squash Vine Borer 2 June-July

5 Late June-July

7 June-July

8 Entire season

10 June-July

11 July

Squash Vine Borer Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com

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