Candy Alternatives for Halloween Trick or Treaters

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This year marked our first Halloween at the new house. Our neighbors told us to expect anywhere from 85 to 200 trick-or-treaters. I didn’t want to give out candy or plastic nothings made in China, so I asked my mom for some help with alternatives. She suggested bats and spiders. They were easy to make and a big hit! Jim and I worked on them a little each evening for about a week before Halloween and we were done with time to spare. Here’s some easy instructions to get you started in case you decide to do something like this next year. You may want to buy sandwich bags to put them in when you give them out to provide a little cushioning so they don’t get so crushed in the candy bags.

Bat Instructions

Material needed: black felt, scissors, pattern (you can draw out your own), eyes, glue, pompoms or ball fringe.

To make: If using ball fringe, cut off the balls. Pin your pattern (it’s easy to hand draw one, I used one that was 3” wide and one about 2” wide) to the felt. Carefully cut out bats around your pattern. Glue pompoms or fringe balls to the center of the bat form. Allow to dry before gluing on the eyes.

Spider Instructions

Material needed: black pipe cleaners, eyes, glue, pompoms or ball fringe, needle nose pliers.

To make: If using ball fringe, cut off the balls. Cut your pipe cleaners to just over 1” in length. Bend the pipe cleaners about at the halfway point. Dip each pipe cleaner in glue and firmly stick three onto each side of your pompoms for the spider legs. Allow to dry and glue on the eyes.

I hope you decide to go candy-free next year for Halloween!

  • Updated on Oct 20, 2021
  • Originally Published on Nov 5, 2015
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