DIY Mexican Tin Lantern

This DIY Mexican tin lantern requires only an empty tin can and a few basic tools.

| April 2014

  • A string of these Mexican tin lanterns, either lined up along a wall or hung from the branches of a tree, would look fabulous.
    Photo courtesy Skyhorse Publishing
  • The DIY Mexican tin lantern was inspired by this beautiful, ornate tin lantern.
    Photo courtesy Skyhorse Publishing
  • “Homemade” by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson provides a year’s worth of activities and crafts to improve your home.
    Cover courtesy Skyhorse Publishing

Handmade crafts lend character and personality. Homemade (Skyhorse Publishing, 2010) by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson is packed full of practical, thoughtful handmade ideas from seasoned crafters. With over one hundred projects using everyday objects from around the house, they craft beautiful works of art. The following excerpt from “Summer” shows you how to make a wonderful Mexican tin lantern.

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Mexican Tin Lantern

Inspired by this wonderful Mexican tin lantern that was a present from a friend (see Slideshow), here is a less elaborate, but nevertheless charming, version to make yourself. A string of such lanterns, either lined up along a wall or hung from the branches of a tree, would look fabulous. The pinpricks of light cast lovely shadows, while the tin provides the candle with protection from the wind. For a special birthday, wedding, or anniversary party you could even punch out names, initials, or a personal message.

You will need

• An empty tin can, washed out, with label and lid removed
• Erasable felt pen
• Bradawl or small screwdriver
• Hammer
• Wire for handle
• Tea candle

To make

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