Crafts: Make a Cookie Monster scrapbook layout

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Donna Moore
Cookie Monster scrapbook layout


2½ pieces 12×12 yellow gingham paper

1 piece 12×12 dark brown cardstock

“Beary Patch” Cookie Monster cutout (available online at http://www.stampandscrapcanada.com)



Scissors or paper trimmer


* Choose your photos. (You will need 5 that are cropped in on the subject, and 4 that you can cut out the main image.)

* Cut out the cutouts from the Cookie Monster sheet.

* Cut 2 1½-inch x 7-inch strips from brown cardstock. Adhere the “I love” cutout on one, and the “cookies” cutout on the other. Adhere to 1 full piece of gingham paper.

* Adhere 3 photos and the cutouts (shown in the layout photo) to the same piece of gingham paper.

* Cut a 12-inch x 4-inch piece of brown cardstock and an 11½-inch x 3½-inch piece of yellow gingham paper. Tape gingham to brown cardstock (as shown in layout photo). Adhere photos of cut-out images to gingham, then adhere to remaining full piece of gingham paper.

* Adhere remaining photos and cutouts to same piece of gingham paper (as shown in layout photo).

Project courtesy of http://www.stampandscrapcanada.com