Crafts: Preserve your favorite recipes in an eye-pleasing scrapbook

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By Traci Smith, Associate Editor | Feb 18, 2009

Traci Smith, Associate Editor
St. Patrick’s Day layout for a recipe scrapbook.

Use these instructions – and the illustration – to create a page for your recipe scrapbook.


Scissors or paper trimmer

Light green cardstock

Dark green cardstock

Patterned paper

Adhesive or glue

St. Patrick’s Day embellishments

Recipe – typed or handwritten


1. With scissors or a paper trimmer, cut the light green cardstock into a piece measuring 8 inches by 8 inches.

2. Cut the dark green cardstock into a piece measuring 5 inches by 6 inches.

3. Cut the patterned paper into one piece measuring 1½ inches by 4 inches, and a second piece measuring 1 inch by
6 inches.

4. With adhesive or glue, adhere the 1-by-6-inch piece of patterned paper to the light green cardstock, ½ inch from the top of the page. Center it, leaving 1 inch of light green cardstock on either side of the patterned paper.

5. Adhere a shamrock to each end of the patterned paper.

6. Adhere the name of the recipe to the patterned paper, placing it in the center. (Note: The name of the recipe can be handwritten with a marker instead of being typed, if preferred.)

7. Adhere the remaining piece of patterned paper to the lower righthand corner of the light green cardstock, ½ inch from the bottom edge and flush with the right edge.

8. Adhere the dark green cardstock to the bottom of the light green cardstock, ¼ inch from the bottom and ¾ inch from the right side, allowing some of the patterned paper to show.

9. Adhere the recipe to the dark green cardstock, centering it.


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