Crafts: Organize your scrapbook room

Tips to get you from cluttered to coordinated.

| March 2009

  • Scrapbook albums
    Keep scrapbook albums on a bookshelf for easy access, as well as neatness.
  • Scrapbooking embellishments
    Sort and store embellishments together in a labeled drawer or box.

  • Scrapbook albums
  • Scrapbooking embellishments

Scrapbooking can be addictive. Creative individuals browsing through a scrapbooking supply store often find themselves purchasing items for which they have no immediate use or future plan. A particular pack of paper is too pretty to resist. A certain embellishment is new and exciting. A kit would be just right if a friend has a baby. Eventually, the supplies begin to overflow a box, then two boxes. Papers become dog-eared or torn.

Such people eventually begin to despair. They don’t want to give up the craft of scrapbooking, but it takes up too much space.

Perhaps you’re in the same predicament. These suggestions will help you organize your scrapbook room.

Divide and conquer

Begin by dividing your scrapbook room into two areas. The first area
will be for working on scrapbooks, and the second will be for storage.

The work area will need a table or a desk that is large enough to hold a large album, papers, photos, other elements and tools. If you enjoy working with other family members or friends, select a table that provides space for three or four workers. Provide comfortable chairs for your scrapbook room so your back is supported while working. Good lighting is also essential in the work area. And add a big wastebasket.

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