Make a Decorative Mirror

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Photo by Linda Smith
A mirror inside an unfinished frame gets a makeover with chalk paint.

Among the many treasures in my basement, I came across an unfinished wood frame with a mirror. This would be perfect for a teenager’s school locker or a younger child’s bedroom. It could even be used as a photo frame instead of a mirror, if preferred.

The mirror I used had an opening on the back where you could remove the mirror, so I started by doing that. If you can’t remove the mirror in your frame, just cover the mirror with painter’s tape.

Wipe down the wood with a clean rag and glass cleaner, and let it dry.

Paint the frame using a craft paint brush, and let it dry. Since I used a light color, I gave it a second coat, but you don’t have to if your choice of color covers well with one coat.

When the paint was dry, I used a stencil to add a flower in the upper right-hand corner. Tape the stencil in place, and then use a dauber sponge brush to paint the flower. Carefully lift the stencil off, and set the frame aside to allow the paint to dry completely.

Add a layer of wax, and buff it to polish and seal the paint, if desired.

Before inserting the glass back into the frame and adding the backing, I cleaned the glass with glass cleaner. If you taped off the mirror, you can remove the painter’s tape now and clean the glass.

For this project, I used FolkArt® Home Decor Chalk Paints 34927 Vintage Victorian (for the frame) and 34151 Sheepskin (for the flower, Plaid FolkArt® stencil 30730).

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