A Mummy Contortionist

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Bend the mummy into all sorts of fun poses.
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"How to Amaze Your Son" is filled with fun ideas and crafts for kids of all ages.
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The mummy can climb!
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Sit back and relax.
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A very simple model, with twisted limbs.


  • Electrical wire or other thin metal wire
  • Cutting pliers
  • Thin white fabric
  • Scissors

How to Make

  1. Create a small figure out of electrical wire (or metal wire).
  2. Tear the white fabric into thin bands. To tear, start by making a small cut with your scissors and then pulling with both hands; the fabric will easily tear.
  3. Cover the figure with bands of fabric, tying the fabric at the ends.
  4. Bend your figure and place it in various positions.

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  • Updated on Oct 8, 2021
  • Originally Published on Jun 13, 2018
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