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Knitted Twine Planters

Author Photo
By Sonia Lucano | Photography FrÉDÉRic Lucano | Jan 3, 2019

With these knitted twine planters, your plants will help bring any room alive with both foliage and funky style.

Dress tin cans in twine to make these fun and funky planters for succulents, cactus, wheatgrass, or other plants.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time to make: About 3 hours

Tools & Supplies:

  • Medium tin can
  • Ball of natural twine, fine or medium
  • Pair of knitting needles, size 10 if using medium twine or size 6 for fine twine
  • Tape measure
  • Large-eye needle
  • Fertilized potting soil
  • Small plant of your choice


  1. Wash and dry the can, removing the label and any traces of glue.
  2. Begin knitting by casting on 10 stitches of twine in 4 rows. Remove the needles, and measure the length you knitted. Then measure the circumference of the can.
  3. Figure out the number of stitches you’ll need for this project — so, if your test row of 10 stitches measures 2 inches and you want to make 4 inches total, you’ll need 20 stitches, and so forth.
  4. Once you’ve figured out the number of stitches you’ll need according to the can’s circumference, knit about 15 rows (depending on the can’s height) using garter stitches. Bind off.
  5. Sew the two short sides of the rectangle together using the large-eye needle and one strand of the twine.
  6. Slide the knitted cover onto the can, and add some potting soil and the plant of your choice.

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This project was excerpted with permission from Upcycle! Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Decor by Sonia Lucano, published by Weldon Owen.

“Upcycle! Turn Everyday Objects into Home Decor” by Sonia Lucano reveals simple and stylish DIY projects that use common household objects.

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