Hanging Candle Jar

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Whether in your home or out in your garden, this hanging candle jar will provide a warm, relaxing glow to any space.

Add light to your garden or home with these simple-to-make homemade candle jar holders.

Difficulty: Easy

Time to make: About 1 hour

Tools & Supplies:

  • 1 old board (from a pallet, for example)
  • Masking tape
  • Black paint
  • Medium brush
  • Ruler
  • Small screw eye hook
  • Drill
  • Small bit
  • Small glass jar
  • Thin wire, 5 feet
  • Cutting pliers
  • S-hook
  • Paper tag
  • Black ink
  • Alphabet stamps
  • Votive candle


  1. Place masking tape on the prettiest side of the board, 3/16 inch in from each outside edge to provide straight lines for painting an all-around frame.
  2. Paint the frame around the board black, as well as the edges on the top, bottom, and sides. Let dry completely.
  3. Screw the eye hook into the center width of the board, 2 inches from the top. Then drill a small hole in the center width, 3/4 inch from the top, for hanging the board on the wall.
  4. Clean the jar, completely removing labels and any glue.
  5. Cut 20 inches of the wire, and fold it in half. Wrap it around the top of the jar, and twist tightly to form a snug ring around the opening. Next, cut a yard of wire and fold it in half to double it. Insert one end under the ring, and wind it several times around the ring. Do the same with the other end of the wire, on the side opposite to where you attached the first end, to make a hanger for the jar.
  6. Place the hanging jar, by the hanger, on the S-hook, then hang the S-hook on the screw eye hook on the board.
  7. On the paper tag, use black ink and alphabet stamps to create a message. Add the paper tag to the S-hook.
  8. Place a votive candle inside the jar.

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This project was excerpted with permission from Upcycle! Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Decor by Sonia Lucano, published by Weldon Owen.

“Upcycle! Turn Everyday Objects into Home Decor” by Sonia Lucano reveals simple and stylish DIY projects that use common household objects.