Simple Bathroom Cabinet

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Photo by Linda Smith
A couple of coats of chalk paint can turn an unattractive cabinet into a vibrant piece of furniture perfect for any room of the house.

I’ve had this cabinet for years, and although I’ve never liked the looks of it — a light veneer, similar to pine, but much less appealing — I didn’t want to paint it, so I just left it. After using chalk paint on several projects, though, I knew it was the perfect answer for sprucing up this old cabinet.


Wipe down the cabinet with glass cleaner, and let it dry.

Using a large, round craft paint brush, paint the entire cabinet, and let it dry for at least two hours. Once it’s dry, decide whether it needs a second coat. Mine did, so I painted it again and let it dry.

And just like that, that old piece of furniture I’d never liked became a colorful cabinet that looks fantastic.

I used FolkArt® Home Decor Chalk Paint 34159 Cascade.

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