Health: Healthy drink for kids

Finally, there’s a brand new innovation in kid’s drinks. For the first time, whole grains have been packed into a juice box.

Developed by mom Denise Devine, Froose is a unique and one-of-a-kind whole-food beverage. The Froose process is a patented new way to combine organic whole grains and fruit to create a juice that is naturally low in sugar and a good source of fiber.

It is made with organic brown rice, yet tastes great to kids in the form of yummy flavors – Playful Peach, Perfect Pear and Cheerful Cherry. It so good, kids will think they’re drinking the old-fashioned sugary juice, yet it’s completely organic, nutritious, low in sugar, and provides the fiber, vitamins and complex carbohydrates needed for bone and muscle growth.

For more information, visit the Web site, www.Froose.com.