More Farm Babies

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By Lori Havens

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post … my apologies! Let’s see … I left off as the concrete work was happening at Farm on the Hill. What a difference!


The masons did a great job in the old barn, completing the interior tuckpointing on the original stone foundation walls, then parging it all.


Once they cleared out, and the electricians had finished re-wiring the barn’s electrical system, Farmer Bryan and I got to work constructing the brooder in one of the newly repaired rooms. After a good sweeping, insulation batts were placed.

Additional framing was added where needed.

The ceiling was installed. NOT EASY! The barn, like the house, is built of solid oak. That’s a hard, hard wood to drill into up over one’s head!

Walls were installed, and everything was sawed and shaped with hand tools where needed.

We worked during the daytime and also by lamplight, and finished walling in the room the night before the turkey poults were to be picked up!

The morning of pick up, I washed the viewing window and Bryan put the finishing touches on the brooder … pine shavings, heat lamps, feeders and waterers.

Just in case you forgot where we started, just four short days prior, here’s the before:

And the after:

Last but NOTLEAST a good, sturdy latch for the door.

Then it was off for some fun!

We won’t talk about Thanksgiving dinner just yet … these guys and gals are just too cute to think about that! We’ll just enjoy watching them through the sparkling clean viewing window instead!

Published on Sep 2, 2014