The Dogs of Summer

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My dogs love summer. I can say that in writing, mainly because most everyone who will read this will never meet my dogs in person.

Of course they love summer, providing their day includes, for the most part, sleeping on the couch. Ironicly enough, the couch sits directly under the air conditioner. They enjoy long car rides. As with any dog, they will stick their head out the window. However, as with the couch, Jake and Buddy prefer their car ride with the window up and the air conditioner on at all times.

Taking them for a walk during the summer months is a challenge in logistics. I get up earlier than normal at times, which is fine with me. The days are longer so I enjoy being out. I’m up, dressed and ready to go in no time. The dogs, however, are still curled up in my bed asleep. I spend at least a couple of minutes trying to get them fully awake and up to get them out of their early morning walk around the neighborhood. Once we’re out, we’re fine.

To get them to go out to pee at any time during the day proves more daunting. They make it clear that they are not crazy about being out. The outings normally end up with one, if not both dogs, peeing once and then laying down. Once down, they refuse to get back up. As a trained human, I pick them up and carry them home. Because of this, as a trained human, I walk Jake first, then I walk Buddy so that I only have to carry one dog at a time home.

Late evening walks before bedtime work well, about like the early morning walks. They both will go out together around the neighborhood. No carrying home required.

Photo property of Mel Boone.