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Homemade Dog Treats

I often joke that my two terriers never miss a meal. Well, truth be told, they never miss a treat either.I'm a person that when I go to buy treats for myself, I look at the ingredients and sometimes scratch my head trying to pronounce some of them. Then I wonder, "Am I going to have this same ...

Maple Butter Dog Bones

Need a special gift for a dog-loving friend? Mix a batch of these for her coddled canine and a batch of any of maple-infused cookies, place some in a basket with a jar of maple syrup, and you’ll present her with the sweetest dog-owner gift ever. Yields 20-24 3-inch dog bonesIngredients:1/3 ...

The Dogs of Summer

My dogs love summer. I can say that in writing, mainly because most everyone who will read this will never meet my dogs in person.Of course they love summer, providing their day includes, for the most part, sleeping on the couch. Ironicly enough, the couch sits directly under the air ...