Make These Christmas Cookies Recipes for Holiday Gifts

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By Karen Keb | Sep 24, 2012

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These iced sugar cookies are classic: crisp, buttery, with hardened icing on top.
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Ricotta cookies are soft and billowy, and reminiscent of a day in the Italian countryside.
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There are chocolate chip cookies, and then there are these extraordinary giant chocolate peanut butter cookies.

    It wouldn’t be the holidays without a marathon baking session with Mom or the kids, whipping up our favorite holiday cookie recipes for gifts and exchanges.

    Cookies make the perfect gift — they’re easy and inexpensive, and they’re homemade, showing the recipient that your gift came from the heart. But if we’re honest, how many times have we been disappointed (or perhaps made a little squeamish) by a treat box with less-than-appetizing nuggets inside? It’s always the thought that counts, but if you want to turn your homemade cookies into professional-quality treats your loved ones will treasure, follow these tips. Sometimes one small detail will turn a bake-sale cookie into a bakery-case masterpiece. So go ahead and knock their socks off this year!

    Here are three of my favorite Christmas cookies recipes that make supreme gifts.

    Christmas Cookies Recipes

    Perfect Iced Sugar Cookies Recipe
    Soft Ricotta Cookies Recipe Dipped in Chocolate
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

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