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Ten Christmas Party Snack Ideas

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By Keith Bradford | Dec 3, 2018

Ten Christmas Party Snack Ideas

  1. Marshmallow Snowmen: Stack three different-sized marshmallows on top of each other, use two pretzel sticks for arms, chocolate icing for facial features, and a piece of licorice for a scarf.
  2. Pita Christmas Trees: Cut triangular pieces of pita bread, smear them with guacamole, and use cut veggies for the decorations.
  3. Cheese String Snowmen: Use a marker to draw snowman features on packages of white cheese strings. This is perfect for making your kids’ lunches a little more festive.
  4. Festive Jell-O Shots: Make red, white, and green Jell-O packages. Mix in some 1 shot vodka. Pour and freeze one layer at a time while alternating colors. They end up looking like candy canes!
  5. Grinch Kabobs: Put a mini marshmallow, a strawberry, a banana slice, and a grape (in that order) on a skewer. It’ll look just like the Grinch.
  6. Fruit and Cheese Christmas Tree: Layer different cheeses and grapes in a half-diamond shape. Use a celery stalk for the base of the tree.
  7. Eggnog Shooters: Turn ketchup cups into perfect eggnog shooters.
  8. Snowman Dip: Turn any dip bowl into a snowman face by adding a few black olives for eyes and a mouth and a carrot for the nose.
  9. Pizza Stocking: Cut out some pizza dough in the shape of a stocking. Use pizza sauce for the base and a line of cheese at the top for the frilly white bit.
  10. Babybel Santa Faces: Take off the bottom half of a Babybel wax wrapper, dip the exposed cheese half in cream cheese to make a beard, and use a food marker to add facial features on the remainder of the cheese.

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