Cold Pasta Salad Recipes

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Pasta salads are a delicious way to bring your favorite local produce to the dinner table.

This is the time of year when fresh vegetables and herbs are plentiful, whether in your own garden or at your local farmers’ market. Pasta salad is a great way to make the most of all that homegrown flavor. And if you’re feeling especially creative, and you have the time, try making your own pasta, which will enhance the experience even more.

Served alongside grilled or smoked meats, pasta salads make a great side dish. Or add a protein, like chicken or shrimp, and make it the main dish for a light yet flavorful lunch. No matter how you serve them, pasta salads are versatile, simple and delicious.

It’s hard to mess up a pasta salad, so by all means, experiment with your favorite herbs and whatever veggies and pasta you have on hand. The options are endless, but the end result will no doubt be sensational.

Recipes for Pasta Salads:

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