Family Recipes: 4 Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen

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Photo Courtesy Anna Overcash Rotz
“Grandma’s Apron Strings” is a collection of homestyle recipes and celebrations of grandmothers.

Our cherished, childhood memories connect us to the past and to our heritage. Anna Overcash Rotz celebrates all things “grandma” by taking a walk down memory lane and sharing special moments from the lives of the grandmas, to help trigger memories of your own childhood. In Grandma’s Apron Strings, there are nicknames used for grandmas, famous quotes about grandmas and a variety of observations from a way of life that has drifted into the past. The book also includes favorite family recipes and comfort foods to pass down to future generations.

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My recipes celebrate grandmothers. The pages of my book contain many of my childhood memories, quotations from famous people and not so famous (third grade students), poetry, nicknames for grandmothers and recipes from Grandma’s country kitchen. It offers some insights and reflections on being a grandmother.

Sometimes a certain aroma from the kitchen, the wonderful fragrance from a bouquet of flowers or the taste of homemade chocolate cake or pumpkin pie triggers a memory. Then I am transported back to another time and place where my life was more simple and carefree — my childhood days at Grandma’s house. After all these years, I can still picture her standing in the kitchen, always wearing an apron and dust cap. She was probably too busy with her daily chores to realize the influence she was having on me and that she was making a lifetime of memories for me.

Recipes from Grandma’s Apron Strings:

Baked Squash Casserole Recipe
Roast Venison Recipe
Chicken Corn Soup Recipe With Rivels
Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Reprinted with permissionfrom Grandma’s Apron Strings by Anna Overcash Rotz. Buy this book from our store: Grandma’s Apron Strings.