Festive Halloween Party Snacks

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Photo by Fotilia/dusk
Simple decorations like pumpkins, autumn leaves, cobwebs and plastic spiders create a festive Halloween atmosphere.

If you’re planning an upcoming Halloween party, here are a few fun and festive ideas to get the party started.

The first order of business is decorating for the occasion. Decorations don’t have to be spooky, just Halloween-ish. Carved pumpkins, colorful autumn leaves, cobwebs and a few plastic spiders arranged just right will create the perfect atmosphere for a Halloween party. However, if you prefer something a little more on the scary side, you can always find skull, skeleton, bat and tombstone decorations online and in big-box stores – or you can make your own. Pinterest is sure to have some great ideas. You can also hang lights and paper lanterns shaped like pumpkins or ghosts to add even more decorative appeal.

Once you have your decorations figured out, it’s time to turn your attention to the food you’ll serve. For gatherings where guests tend to mingle and don’t necessarily sit for long periods of time, finger foods are ideal, as they allow folks to snack and carry on conversations at the same time.

Halloween Party Snack Recipes