Christmas Dinner During the Depression Era

Wisconsin woman describes the Christmas dinner that her grandparents made during the depression era

| Good Old Days

Mother's parents came from England on their wedding trip in 1873. The English are not noted for being excellent cooks, and maybe my mother was not an outstanding cook, but she had learned her lessons well from her English mother.

During the Depression era we had chicken for Christmas dinner. Of course, it was boiled, not roasted. With it my mother served the very best baking powder biscuits drowned in the gravy made from the water in which the chicken had been boiled.

She served mashed potatoes and mashed boiled rutabagas.

Being English, we poured vinegar over our rutabagas.

Usually there was cabbage salad. This was made with shredded cabbage molded in lemon jello.

There were home-canned beet pickles and dill pickles.

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