Turning a New Page, CAPPER’S Keeps Original Spirit

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When CAPPER’S readers say they have subscribed to the publication all their lives, many mean exactly that. CAPPER’S has been in existence for more than 130 years, and for some of you, it has been a part of your life since before you were even able to read.

Many of you have seen CAPPER’S go from weekly to monthly, have observed changes in its design, and have seen editors come and go. Through many ups and downs in the “outside” world, CAPPER’S has endured as a dependable part of your landscape, full of interesting stories of people you might know, recipes other readers have shared, and stories straight from your hearts to our Heart of the Home section.

We’re making some changes, beginning with your next issue of CAPPER’S, and we are excited about this new page in our history. We hope you’ll enjoy this new and, we believe, very much improved CAPPER’S. It will still feature many of the things you have told us you like best in CAPPER’S – wonderful recipes in each issue, multiple ways to connect with other readers, stories about people you know – or wish you could – and other entertaining and fascinating material that will keep you turning the pages.

We’re changing the frequency (the magazine now will arrive every other month), the size (each issue will be at least 100 pages), and the appearance (full color, magazine style – and easier to hold!). What won’t change is good news that uplifts the spirit and CAPPER’S appeal to people who know deeply what it means to be a friend, a neighbor and a member of a community.

We are doing this because we want CAPPER’S to go on and on. We want to appeal to multiple generations of readers and to be the favorite magazine in small-town, rural America once again, as we have been in years past. We think our new, more compact and much more colorful version of CAPPER’S will be just the ticket to keep CAPPER’S a part of life here in the Heartland for new generations.

We hope you’ll agree, and we hope you’ll find as much to enjoy in the new version of CAPPER’S as we do. We look forward to hearing from you as we step forward in this new direction for our classic American publication.


K.C. Compton
Editor in Chief