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Modern technology isn’t so bad. I’ve grown accustomed to using email over the years. In fact, email is part of my daily life now. I sometimes wonder what took me so long in deciding to get my email account up and running to begin with.

However, there’s one thing that my modern email account will not replace. That’s the card: birthday, Christmas and thank you cards to be specific.

I guess that is just the old fashioned part of me. It hits me pretty much right around the holidays, especially since my birthday and Christmas is so close together. I have always enjoyed getting the cards. Even more fun for me is to send a special season’s greeting to my loved ones with a short hand written note to family and friends. That on top of a few thank you cards with a hand written message sent to the troops serving overseas.

I guess it’s being able to hand write that short message in these cards is what I like. It makes it so much more personal than what you can do with an email. There’s more thought put into what’s written down, or at least that’s what it is for me.