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We are well into the new year, but Christmas is still on my mind. For me that isn’t a surprise. I’m lucky enough to have received gifts that I will use long after Christmas has gone.

Mom has always been good to renew my magazine subscriptions for me during the past few years. She knows that I enjoy them. With a renewal, I will enjoy them all year long. Unlike clothing, there is no worry about getting the right size.

I got a little bit of money as a gift. So off I went to Wal-Mart for the Kuerig that I always wanted. Now when I want one cup of tea or hot cocoa, I’ve got my one cup. No more waste there! The rest of the Christmas money will go toward a few DVDs that I’ve been wanting. Not only will I watch those at home, they will more than likely go with me when I take my portable DVD player on a trip.

This past Christmas was the second time that I participated in the Reddit Gifts Secret Santa Gift Exchange. The first time that I participated in it was 2016. My secret Santa at that time sent me a cool pair of sunglasses. They were kind of steampunk style, which I like. So far I have yet to wear them because I wear prescription glasses. I hope to put them to use someday.

I can say that 2017 was different. My secret Santa this time surprised me twice. I got one gift a few days before Christmas, I was sent a knit cap with green and yellow stripes and a John Deere logo on it. With the cold temps since Christmas Eve, I’m getting a lot of use out of it.

Then I received a second gift from my secret Santa the day after Christmas. A beautiful blue T-shirt with a vintage ham radio operator design on the front. I love it! I’m sure there will be a few events during 2018 that the ham radio club will participate in and I will wear this shirt with pride.

I’m glad to have what I got. Every time each present gets used, I will remember the ones who gave them to me.